The ParentDepot email support list was created for the over taxed parent in mind. Parenting can be a very rewarding job as well as a very stressful one. This list is meant to offer a place where parents can interact with other "grown ups".

Topics can range anywhere from the funny and zany to the serious and thought provoking. Humor is one of lifes greatest gifts, we encourage members to laugh at lifes little annoyances and to share their experiences as parents.

Basic topic: Parenting in General.

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My name I Patty and I am the mother of 4 children; 2 boys ages 14 and 11 and twin girls ages 13.

I wanted to create a place where parents could just get together to share their everyday expierences and joys. A place where we could find and share humor and perhaps some sanity. I hope that by joining the ParentDepot you will be able to regain some of your senses along with us.

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